Sunday, November 16, 2014

About that lengthy absence...

Why yes I am still around, and didn't quite completely fall off the earth!  So many things happened over the last few months.. let me see if I can catch you up quickly! On top of the three things I'll share with you, there have been numerous Ole Miss and college football games, grad school and creating of products!

The school year started and I have my hands full with a lively bunch of 19 kinders, in 4 years this has been my smallest class yet, but they have definitely brought on their challenges!  Here is a peek at my classroom!  I love, love the green walls and that it was this way when I got it!  It makes for a much more warm and inviting room, and green is suppose to be calming, right?

On October 18th, I also had the very best day of my life, I got married!  We had such a perfect day, even though about 24 hours before we weren't sure if it was going to work out... You see we found this BEAUTIFUL lodge on a lake that was just perfect.  Except you see, we live in Mississippi and there are about a billion mosquitoes.  God was definitely looking out and we were able to have some cooler weather and a light breeze, along with a fogger and some bug spray, and everything worked out perfectly!

Some of the most exciting news over the last few months however might be this...

We are expecting our first baby in March!  We are going to stay on Team Green, as in we are not finding out what the baby is.  This was a long, hard fought battle, but there are just so few surprises in life, and this might be the biggest & best!   

So hopefully you can see why I've been so absent recently!  It has been difficult to keep up with everything that has been going on!  

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