Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Managing It All Linky

I'm linking up with Kerri from Ms. Kerry and her Krazy Klass to help give advice for new working moms and returning to school!

My husband and I welcomed our son, Carson, in March and we have been enjoying him each and every minute.  I was lucky enough to be able to take off 7 weeks of maternity leave after he was born and returned for the final six weeks of the school year.

I was so nervous and sad to return to work after spending 7 weeks with my little man, and cried so much in those days leading up to my return and the entire morning of my first day back!  I highly anticipate the same thing happening when I return to work this school year and I really love spending my days listening to his squeals and watching him learn and grow every day!

As a nursing mom I learned very quickly that making sure you have ALL of your pumping parts ready to go each morning and check and DOUBLE check that you have everything before you leave the house! On more than one occasion I went off to pump and realized that I'd forgotten a part to make the pump work.  This always sent me into a panic because I lived 45 minutes from school!  My best tip, if you have a hand pump, NEVER remove those pieces from your pump bag.  Luckily the hospital gave me a hand pump and I just threw those pieces into my bag and that saved me once, the other times I just made due and hoped that it didn't hurt my supply!

My other tip is to make a hands free nursing bra!  I made mine by slipping on an old sports bra and cutting it where I need to, saved me so much money and time finding one that I liked!

What are some of your other tips for mommas that are returning to work after having their little ones?