Friday, August 1, 2014

August Currently and summer update!

Holy cow!  I can't believe that it is already August.. where on earth has the summer gone!  

This has been my first summer since I turned 14 that I have not had a job or some sort of obligation to commit, and it has been so wonderful.

I'm so excited to be linking up with Farley this month for her Currently! 

This one is pretty self explanatory for any teacher that is gearing up for back to school!  

Listening: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team -- I'm a sucker for a reality series!

Loving:  This summer has been the best.  I have celebrated the wedding of 2 friends, had some much needed R&R, worked on TpT and done so much wedding planning.. LESS THAN 3 MONTHS. woah.

Thinking:  My classroom is constantly on my mind.  We are going on vacation next week in Florida and I will not be able to get into my classroom until our week of professional development.  This is of course making me very nervous as it will mean a lot of late nights and probably being there all weekend, but I know that it will all be worth it! 

Needing:  Today I organized the office (it looks more like a tornado) of things to be loaded into the car to take back to school.. I will get about 30 minutes to drop stuff off on Monday

1st day of school:  I love the first day of school but it is so exhausting.  The majority of our students have not come from any PreK program and so we are starting from scratch.  This means a lot of practicing routines and procedures so that we can start off on the right foot.  I also like to start centers on day 1 so that the students get some time to socialize with their new friends and get a chance to do some play in the first few days!  

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  1. I can't get in my classroom either. Our principal said no sooner than August 11th! I am so anxious to get in and start setting up!
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  2. I love summers where you get to spend time celebrating friends and family! I have already been in my classroom a few days and it's amazing how much more relaxed I feel about going back to work. Hope you are able to get into yours soon! Good luck with the school year and wedding planning!

  3. Yes the first day in Kinder is just a blur! I always forget how much you have to teach them in the beginning because by the end of the year everything is just routine. That or I just block it out every year! :)

    Not Just Child's Play

  4. First off, your blog is SO adorable! I hope you can get your room exactly how you want it before the kiddies get in there!