Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

I have linked up with the wonderful ladies at Bloghoppin' for a 2014 Goals Linky Party!
This year is sure to have a lot of fun and family involved! Two of my best friends are getting married, and I am getting married as well -- I can't wait to make the trips to watch these 2 wonderful couples get married, and finish planning my own wedding. I was just having a conversation with one of these brides the other day about how it is so surreal to be doing this kind of planning -- I still can't believe that I will be 26 this year and sometimes it is really hard to see that I am actually a grown up -- until I open the bills HA! We also have a family vacation planned with the Michaels family, and of course trips to Iowa to see my parents, for wedding showers and our reception! This year is sure to log a lot of miles on my Rogue!

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